2021 Savvy PSA Video Library

Arlington Family COVID-19 PSA

With the coronavirus pandemic surging across the country in November 2020, the City of Arlington found the perfect cautionary tale right inside City Hall and a family courageous enough to share their story. City employee Alexa Aragonez, a 26-year-old born and raised in east Arlington, attended a birthday party with a dozen family members for an indoor celebration. Alexa’s family decided it would be safe to gather if they kept it within their small family circle. Unfortunately, all 12 people at the party returned positive test results, and the virus had spread to three more people.  

Bark Rangers - Poop Offender

The Bark Rangers program was a creative solution for addressing Austin’s dog waste problem under the umbrella of a larger city-wide Leave No Trace campaign. By targeting and training pet owners that also use City trails, we created a shared awareness and etiquette standards about how to take care of our common spaces. Branding the program through videos and social media is an essential way to create awareness of the Bark Rangers program. We recruited actual Bark Rangers volunteers from our service team to produce videos. This program is tailored specifically for park users and their pets, and is not currently offered elsewhere in Texas. The program was started by one park ranger (and dog lover) who decided to bring a little humor to an uncomfortable topic. By putting Austin’s cutest dogs in adorable vests, a social media win-win was born, and Austin got a little cleaner.  Play videoView Entry

Blackjack COVID-19

This was a fun and new way to give a hands on explanation of fighting the spread of COVID-19. It better explains that spreading germs should not be a gamble in our daily lives.  Play videoView Entry

Buckle Up

This PSA shows how you'll have a much better day if you buckle your seat belt! It is part of a 6-part video PSA series on public safety. The actors are Town of Windsor employees - our Finance Director and Reference Librarian. Play video | View Entry

Chatham County - Social Distance PSA

In March of 2020, the CDC had advised everyone to "socially distance" to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This meant keeping 6 feet between yourself and others. Our team wanted to show what 6 feet looks like in daily life. Knowing our community (and the world) was on edge with the unknowns of COVID-19, we wanted to bring a little lightness by having some humor in our video. We chose three common activities a person might encounter: work meeting, meeting a friend, and passing someone.

***It should be noted this was filmed before masks were recommended by the CDC Play video  | View Entry

City of McAllen Office of Communications Produces English, Spanish Census Public Service Announcements with Local Bishop: Be Counted

The City of McAllen Office of Communications produced a Census public service announcement with Bishop Daniel Flore to help boost Census response rate across the predominantly Hispanic four-county Rio Grande Valley, where McAllen is located in deep South Texas.  

City of Virginia Beach Office of the Commonwealth Attorney, "In the Right Hands" PSA

This visually compelling PSA used a simple concept; the power of hands to hurt, help and heal, to reach as many victims as possible and their loved ones to encourage them to seek the helping hands of the Virginia Beach Victim Witness Program. Conceived and produced by a City employee who herself is a domestic violence survivor, the actors are City employees who volunteered to help make this powerful video to reach victims of violence who may find themselves caught in dangerous and sometimes life-or-death situations. They worked hard to achieve the right visual imagery to convey the message that there are people at the Victim Witness Program ready to help those in need. The actors volunteered to be vulnerable, to save the vulnerable, and that’s exceptional!  Play videoView Entry

Dash Says Take the Census

With the 2020 Census fast approaching and the stakes higher than ever, the Town of Fuquay-Varina used our brand to get the message out to folks that the 2020 Census was more important than ever while dispelling serious myths and inherent misunderstandings. In “Dash says Take the Census,” the Town pokes a bit of fun at the serious nature of the Census, while also educating and hopefully persuading people to complete the Census. Play video | View Entry

Don't Drive With Your Hazards On

The video's inspiration came when the Southlake DPS Public Information Officer Brad Uptmore was driving in a typical summer Texas rainstorm. Many drivers had hazard lights on. Officer Uptmore happened to be listening to Drake's "Hotline Bling," and the words "Don’t Use Your Hazards When It’s Raining” instantly popped into his head. In his words: “I was so excited I pulled over (hazards off) and scribbled it down on paper. I compiled all the reasons you shouldn’t do that and wrote the song.” The next step was to find someone who could sing it. A rapper in Spain, RJay, was commissioned, and once he sent back the track, Uptmore went to work to find the perfect “dancers.” Knurd Films helped duplicate Hot Bling’s “box technique” for the dancing portions. The final touch was updating Southlake’s name to “SouthDrake” just for the video, a nod to both the city and the rapper who inspired the video.  Play video | View Entry

Everyone Counts in Buckeye - 2020 Census

Before the pandemic hit, the 2020 Census was the biggest event of the year on the city of Buckeye's agenda. As the second fastest growing city in the country over the last decade, an accurate census response was critical for our community to obtain the fuding and representation it deserved. A series of informational videos helped us achieve our goals and improve our response rate.  Play video | View Entry

Gimme 6 Feet

How do you encourage your neighbors to wear a mask and practice social distancing at a time when many people don't want to? Rewrite a Southern rock classic of course! The City of Johnson City, Tennessee's Communications and Marketing staff created "Gimme 6 Feet," a music video parody of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Give Me Three Steps," to encourage people to wear masks and stay 6 feet apart from one another.  Play video | View Entry

Mask On - COVID-19 PSA

The City of Inglewood puts a public health spin on the 7x platinum hit by rapper Future, entitled Mask On. Our Mask On PSA was created in response to the City leading all other South Bay cities in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations. The message we wanted to communicate to the Inglewood and surrounding communities, was to "KEEP THAT MASK ON" while in public.   Play videoView Entry

Mask Up Kent

An upbeat PSA produced by the City of Kent Multimedia Team showcasing the City of Kent Face Mask line up.  Play videoView Entry

A Message From Surf ‘n Slide Water Park Staff: Why We Wear Our Masks 

Teen to Teen Video PSA: High school lifeguards, cashiers and groundskeepers at the City of Moses Lake's Surf 'n Slide Water Park ask the public for help during the COVID-19 pandemic by masking up. Teens made up a rising group of COVID-19 cases in Grant County/Moses Lake in the summer of 2020. Water park staff were happy to help the City make the video because they wanted the water park opened and summer jobs restored. The Surf 'n Slide opened one year later in May 2021.  Play video | View Entry

MPCC Knocks Out COVID-19

"We'd like to make a short video tour of our facility that's fun and interesting so people know what to expect when they return." That was the request made by our Memorial Park Community Center Senior Center director ... little did she know that her "short video tour" would ultimately pit her in an MMA octagon against a pool noodle-covered personification of the dreaded Coronavirus, COVID-19.   Play video | View Entry

No Wipes in Pipes

The "No Wipes in Pipes" video was collaborated with our utilities department. Through our graphic design artist and video production specialist, we were able to capture a fun and vibrant way to grasp the audiences attention as they scroll through their social media feeds. The goal of that short 12 second video? To make the public aware to not put wipes in their pipes and what happens if they do.   Play videoView Entry

Porch Pirates

Package thefts and “porch pirates” have become a common occurrence around the holidays, nationwide. Flower Mound Communications came up with a humorous concept to educate the community on having a plan for their online purchases, in order to avoid becoming a victim to these crimes. Play video | View Entry

The Real Cost of a DUI

Every year over 10,000 people in the U.S. are killed due to DUI-related crashes. As Sierra Vista Police Department Cpl. Scott Borgstadt says, "That's a hard number to relate to, until your daughter is one of those 10,000." Scott's own daughter, Abby Borgstadt, was killed by a drunk driver on Oct. 12, 2012. In "The Real Cost of a DUI," Scott shares his loss in hopes of preventing future tragedies. The video cements his story in our hearts and reminds us all to "Think before you drink. Find a safe ride home."  Play video | View Entry


RECYCLING RIGHT is a fun way to grab our resident's attention to the age-old issue of getting the public to recycle right. Single-stream recycling has created a double-edged sword for municipalities. On one hand it decidedly made it easier to recycle. On the other, it's so easy they now toss too many things in the handy recycling cart that don't belong, rendering it all useless.

RECYCLING RIGHT brings together residents from the community in a fun way to educate the public on what DOES and DOES NOT go into the recycling cart. We CAN do government services in a fun way that adults, teens & kids will remember.

This video is used on our cable TV, website and social media We use it for HOAs groups and it will be used for when kids go back into schools. We look forward to more episodes of RECYCLING RIGHT!  Play video | View Entry

Serving Up Safety

Building fire safety awareness is crucial, especially in our city due to recent fire devastation. The Communications team took this opportunity to create a video that could accomplish this goal in a unique, fun way.  Play videoView Entry

Speeding PSA

We can all relate to the young man in our speeding video....life happens fast, but we all need to slow down. This PSA is part of a 6-part series on public safety. Play video  | View Entry

Stay Strong, Athens. We'll See You Soon.

During the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic, a PSA was developed to not only showcase the emptiness of the community and highlight the community's efforts in fighting the coronavirus, but also to provide hopefulness in continuing the fight together by staying home, staying healthy, keeping distance and keeping connected.  Play video | View Entry

The Toilet is Not a Trash Can

To prevent city-wide plumbing issues, a public service announcement video was created in-house to assist Carrollton’s Environmental Services and Public Works Departments in combatting some of the rising clogged pipe problems. By bringing awareness to the myth of “flushable” wipes in a fun and … colorful way, the Marketing Department produced a creative solution to the unpleasant problem of backed-up sewers. The short video was promoted on the City’s social media platforms, the City’s website, and sent to the local media.   Play video | View Entry

Water Tower Bowl Raising

It’s not every day that a new water tower is erected, the process is actually pretty cool! We created a short video to make residents aware of the project and educate them with a few fun facts about the tower. Play video | View Entry

West Hollywood, This Is The Way: A Mandalorian PSA

The City of West Hollywood declared a local COVID-19 emergency in March 2020 and, in May 2020, the City approved a mandatory face-covering requirement for people in public to lower risk and reduce community spread of COVID-19. Despite regulations from the City and, soon thereafter, from the State and County, many younger community members remained resistant to public health recommendations for wearing masks. “West Hollywood, This Is The Way: A Mandalorian PSA” was targeted at “Young Invincibles” and aimed to raise awareness about the importance of simply wearing a mask. It was part of a series of PSA videos that carried the blunt message: “Wear a F@#%in' Mask!” launched on the City’s WeHoTV YouTube Channel. It provided Star Wars fans, in particular, added inspiration to wear a mask to protect themselves and others. Play video | View Entry