2019 Savvy PSA Video Library

In search of the perfect parking lot. - City of River Falls, WI

Problem: Parking on Main Street can be difficult, especially during movie times at the iconic Falls Theatre in River Falls, WI. Solution: A nearby, nearly-empty 70-car lot. Challenge: Raise awareness about the lot and encourage people to park there to ease congestion. Solution: A movie trailer PSA showing at the theater. Synopsis: All his life, Michael Norman's been searching for the perfect parking lot. Spoiler alert: He found it. Play Video

Golf Ball PSA – Town of Windsor CT

In an effort to educate residents and discourage the hitting of golf balls at the town's parks and athletic fields we created a script compiling a series events that could happen if people didn't heed our safety warning. We collaborated with staff from our recreation department to insure we were provinding accurate information. The video provided a clear message in a fun way. It was met with positive response by the Recreation department and viewers of the Town of Windsor social media platforms. Play Video

Lock Your Car - Town of Windsor, CT

Our PSA features Windsor residents and a little humor to remind everyone of a simple but very important message - Lock Your Car! Play Video

The Do's and Don'ts of Recycling in Windsor - Town of Windsor, CT

Following significant changes in the recycling market, the town's recycling contractor changed what they would or would not accept from residents in their recycling barrels. They began **unannounced** spot inspections. Those not in compliance were tagged and their recycling was not picked up. Since residents were not informed of the changes or the inspections, they were in an uproar. In an effort to assist the private contractor to provide this important information to residents, this PSA was created and released in less than 48 hours to help ease the tension. Play Video

Southlake Police Speeding Infomercial - City of Southlake, TX

As part of the Southlake Police Departent "Humanizing the Badge" campaign, Southlake PD needed to determine new ways to discuss formal topics. As speeding is a significant safety issue for Southlake PD, this was the perfect opportunity to educate drivers and incorporate some humor. The video puts a comedic spin on a public service announcement regarding speeding and how to prevent getting tickets. Play Video

Bus Stop Sign PSA - City of Gillette, WY

The Bus Stop Sign PSA was created shortly after a tragedy in Indiana where several students were killed while attepting to board the school bus. We worked with the local school district and the police department to produce the PSA. Play Video

Recycle Roll Cart Trade-In - City of Tucker, GA

How do you get thousands to people to change a years-long habit? If you're the City of Tucker, you make them laugh. That was the approach when it came to the mandatory recycle roll cart trade-in program. "Trade in your old bin by the deadline or you won't have your recycling collected" seemed kind of harsh. So we put together a video to walk people through the process step-by-step, a virtual holding of the hand. The results were unmistakable. Play Video

City of West Hollywood: Reefer Madness – City of West Hollywood, CA

The City of West Hollywood has been at the forefront of the national discussion about decriminalizing the use of cannabis and the City has a long track record of supporting cannabis use for medicinal purposes and, more recently, in supporting adult-use cannabis. Along with this new culture came issues of where and how to buy and use cannabis in the City as well as misunderstandings of public consumption and of state laws regarding driving under the influence. The City embarked on a multi-pronged approach, humorously dubbed, "Weed Like You To Know' which utilized an integrated marketing approach of traditional media outreach, print collateral, TV news coverage, and this in-house produced PSA meant to educate the cannabis consuming community about marijuana consumption laws and rules - and do it in an entertaining way. The City produced the video in campy, old time parody fashion in order to create a 'new' feel for a modern PSA. Play Video

"More Isn't Always Better" PSA - City of Edina, MN

"More Isn't Always Better" is a simple, humorous reminder that you don't always need to use a lot of salt in order to melt ice and snow. Play Video

Parking Mobility - City of San Marcos, TX

We created a short PSA in a series educating the public about an app called Parking Mobility that allows residents to efficiently report cars illegally parked in handicap accessible parking spaces in a conflict-free way. Play Video

City of Pflugerville Police Department Recruiting Video - City of Pflugerville, TX

With the department under a new chief and leadership, it was time to highlight what it means to come work for the City of Pflugerville Police Department. Servant Hearts wanted. Play Video

Speeding Doesn't Pay - City of Avondale, AZ

Did you know that you could buy 68 vanilla lattes for the price of one speeding ticket in Avondale? Or a Playstation game console? Avondale PD's Motorcycle Officers get together for some coffee shop talk in a video PSA to remind young drivers that Speeding Doesn't Pay. Play video. Play Video

Bryan Police Department: Recruiting - City of Bryan, TX

With a Civil Service police department, aspiring officers take a written entrance exam but are required to complete an application and provide additional information to save their seat for that test. It is a competitive arena with applicants heavily weighing the benefits, quality of life, and opportunities for advancement or special incentive pay. Creating a compelling display of why they should choose Bryan became an important component of recruiting efforts. Play Video

Pack Your Bags, Pondweed! – City of Bloomington, MN

A popular, highly visible lake in Bloomington was full of algae that was smelly and turning the entire lake green. People love to use and walk around Normandale Lake, but it needed a makeover. In order to get rid of the smell and algae caused by curly-leaf pondweed, the City had to drain the entire lake and treat it. The video "Pack your bags, pondweed!" was a fun, informative and successful way to help us get the word out about this major project. Play Video

Oh, Those Yellow Bikes! – City of College Station, TX

If you spend much time in College Station – especially near the Texas A&M campus – you've probably seen a bunch of yellow bikes. In 2018, Texas A&M partnered with Ofo Bike Share Systems to offer the yellow bikes as an alternative mode of travel on and around campus. Naturally, it didn't take long for users to venture beyond campus to city streets and neighborhoods. And, boy, did problems ensue. This video -- created, animated and produced in-house -- explained what College Station residents needed to know about the program and also how to report issues. Play Video

Teacher Reuse Store – Athens-Clarke County Unified Government, GA

Housed at the Athens-Clarke County Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM), the Teacher Reuse Store is a unique collaboration of business, industry, education, and governments. It provides an innovative approach to the recovery and reuse of business and industry discards and by-products, as well as community donations of school supplies. The Teacher Reuse Store keeps items out of the landfills and puts them in the hands of these communities' education systems. The store provides a variety of items to any teacher in Athens-Clarke, Madison, Oconee, and Oglethorpe counties for free. Public school, private school, and homeschool teachers are welcome to "shop" year round during the CHaRM normal business hours. Community donations are also welcome year round during these times. This video was created to inform the public of the valuable service the Teacher Reuse Store provides to community teachers, as well as to alert residents to the opportunity to donate items. Play Video

Porch Pirates - City of Kent, WA

To help educate Kent residents on how to foil such foes and keep their packages safe, the Kent Police Department worked with our Multimedia Department and the Seafair pirates to film a clever PSA. In this 1:05 minute video, our officers provide tips to keep resident treasures safe from the porch pirates. Play Video

Bus Safety - City of Murfreesboro, TN

City Police and City Schools are creating a new safety campaign addressing drivers not stopping when buses are picking up and dropping off students. Play Video

Murfreesboro's Most Wanted - City of Murfreesboro, TN

Criminals beware! Police are on the patrol looking for suspects, and citizens are being informed in a new feature called "Murfreesboro's Most Wanted". Play Video

Game of Seasons: Winter Prep Tips – Tualatin Valley Water District, OR

Game of Seasons: Preparing your home for winter weather is important. Tualatin Valley Water District produced in partnership with Tualatin Valley Community Television a high-quality, humorous video, that spread amongst customers and showcased the voice and acting talents of several staff members. Play Video

Riding the RTD R-Line – City of Aurora, CO

"Riding the R-Line" is a PSA Campaign aimed at creating awareness and interest in riding the new light rail line going through Aurora, Colorado. The PSA's were targeted at 3 specific demographic groups identified as likely users of the light rail system: College Students, Young Professionals and Seniors. Though targeted at different groups the PSA's were produced to have a similar cohesive thematic undertone.

Amazon Alexa Skill PSA – City of Arlington, TX

The fast-paced video utilizes a mixture of narration to explain how to download the City of Arlington's Alexa skill and the dog's inner monologue complaining about her owner's obsession with the Echo Dot. At the end of the video, the dog is amazed by how easy it is to use and is impressed with her owner's ability to use the skill effectively to find out when the garbage needs to be picked up. Play Video

Classic Myths About Internal Auditing - WaterOne, KS

Thanks to popular misconceptions, auditors sometimes get a bad rap in today's society. We at WaterOne couldn't disagree more with that unearned reputation. Our Internal Audit department adds a lot of value to our organization, and to show our appreciation, we created a series of comedic short videos having fun with common stereotypes, cliches, and myths about our friends in Internal Auditing.

Prevent Frozen Pipes - WaterOne, KS

Winter is coming. Do you know how to prepare your home to prevent your water pipes from freezing? Watch our video and you'll know exactly what to do! Play Video.

Sprinkler Time - WaterOne, KS

When's the last time you do the sprinkler dance? Watch as our team uses it to educate our customers on sprinklers and water use! Play Video.

Benefits of Becoming MWBE Certified - City of Raleigh, NC

The Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) Program is specifically designed to advocate and facilitate business growth and provide opportunities for historically underutilized businesses. The City of Raleigh encourages and provides equal opportunity for certified Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) businesses to participate in all aspects of the City's contracting and procurement programs. Play Video.

New Homeowners: Marquita, Camille, and Caitlin - City of Raleigh, NC

Neighborhoods are the heart of a community and an investment in our city. Keeping our neighborhoods safe, vibrant, and healthy benefits everyone. The Housing and Neighborhoods Department has selected three areas of Raleigh to focus revitalization efforts. These neighborhoods are East College Park, Martin/Haywood, and Idlewild Avenue. Homes built in these areas will benefit low- and moderate-income families who meet HUD's income limits. Play Video.

Strategic Plan in Action: Oak City Outreach Center - City of Raleigh, NC

In the fall of 2013, the City of Raleigh established a Community Task Force to determine how best to provide food assistance on weekends to people in the downtown area who are experiencing homelessness and/or a lack of food. On June 14, 2014, the Oak City Outreach Center opened. The Raleigh City Council authorized funds to renovate the 3,200 square foot city-owned warehouse behind the former Salvation Army building across from Moore Square at 215½ Person St as a temporary solution. Making Oak City Cares possible are Wake County and the City of Raleigh who contributed a combined $10.4 million to purchase and renovate a facility at 1430 South Wilmington Street in downtown Raleigh. The goal of Oak City Cares is to make homelessness rare, brief, and non-recurring in Wake County by quickly and effectively connecting people with the services that will help them secure housing, find employment, and improve their health. Play Video.