And Suddenly, It's a Year Later!

By Tom Bryson

3CMA President | Director of Communications, City of Farmers Branch, Texas

If there was one attribute about 3CMA that had to be singled out above all others, I believe it would, arguably, be that our organization is "inspirational."

So many of us head to the annual conference every year with the great expectation to learn how to better what we do, to get more motivated for the year to come and to have our creative batteries recharged.

The same is certainly true of leadership positions. Those that are good enough to take on the mantle of board members usually do so with a great deal of enthusiasm. The few that are humbled to become "president" always have great plans and high ambitions for their year to come.

Then, the job we're paid for kicks in and suddenly, it's a year later.

All that is to say, I would like to have accomplished a few more things in the past year, but I am proud of the many things 3CMA has made happen since we last met in Milwaukee.

  • MEMBER INVOLVEMENT – A great deal of thanks is due to Scott, Maureen and Michelle at the national office for the continued opportunities for member involvement between conferences. The webinars have been spot-on topical for the jobs we all do every day.
  • VOLUNTEERS – It has been our goal to provide a leadership opportunity on the board or on a committee for any member that would like to serve. We made progress in that direction the past year, but have still not yet found places for all volunteers. Please bear with us as we're working on that.
  • POP-UP WORKSHOPS – This was a new concept that got underway this year with the Pop-Up Workshop we held in Plano, Texas, and broadcast via Facebook Live to members around the country. Something less than a conference but more than a webinar, we hope the concept takes hold with additional single topic deep dives in the coming year.
  • STATE OUTREACH – 3CMA was present at the TAMIO state conference in Texas this year as a means of additional outreach to our "cousin" state organizations where newer members may not be familiar with 3CMA. The idea is not to supplant state associations but to offer the additional resource for those that are able. This was a big success with 19 new members from Texas this year. More state outreach around the country will be forthcoming.
  • 3CMA MEMBER BLOG – Lastly, this blog has been one of the big successes of the past year. We ask all board members to contribute, but it is open to any and all members that have information to pass along. The blog will continue into the new 3CMA year. Special thanks to Belinda Willis at Mansfield, Texas for acting as our editor this year. For more information or to contribute, please contact Scott in the national office.

And then there's the tremendous job being done by Scott, Maureen and Michelle in the national office, in concert with the conference planning committee that is about to bring you the best 3CMA Annual Conference ever. How popular? Well, we've hit conference room block capacity many times. Until this year we've never hit conference capacity! We literally cannot fit anyone else into the ballroom. When you get the chance, please congratulate our staff and the planning committee for an exceptional job very well done.

What continues to make 3CMA incredibly special is the familial relationship our organization fosters. We are fortunate enough to have tremendous resources in colleagues and allies from jurisdictions across the country, many of whom we count as lifelong friends. If you do anything on the first day of the conference, please do this. During the opening session, when we ask for a show of hands for newcomers, pick out at least one that you will go up to, introduce yourself, exchange business cards and let them know how very glad they are a part of the 3CMA family.

There is so much more to talk about and so much more to do, which is why 3CMA's bench strength is so important as you have some of the best, brightest and freshest voices in our business coming up in the next few years – starting with incoming president, Patty Prince.

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