2022 Savvy Awards

3CMA Savvy Awards

Blazing a New Trail: Exploring 
The Communication Landscape

Entry Deadline Extension:

Entries must be submitted by Friday - June 3, 2022

The challenges of the last two years have many of us looking for a change, searching the wide-open spaces for a new route to communicate, educate and inform our communities not only about the pandemic but the new realities we're facing. Blazing that new trail has sparked creativity, ingenuity and innovation among government communicators all across the country. These communicators and the product of their explorations will take the spotlight in the 2022 3CMA Savvy Award Competition.

The Savvy Awards have represented the best in government communications for more than 30 years. Work produced since January 1, 2021 to present from hundreds of communication departments will compete to be recognized and honored for programs that have effectively engaged their constituents and elevated the profession.

The 2022 Savvy Awards will be presented at the 3CMA Annual Conference September 7-9 in Portland, Oregon. Recognized for its eclectic spirit and eco-friendliness, Portland sits on the Columbia and Willamette rivers and in the shadow of Mount Hood. Its natural beauty draws hikers and climbers from all over the country while its unique arts, food and culture entertains residents and visitors alike.

Why Enter?

Recognition by your peers for the hard work your team has done in creatively communicating to your community can give your efforts much needed credibility with your residents, your elected officials and your colleagues. But compiling an entry for the competition is also an opportunity for you and your team to evaluate and analyze the work you do and how it succeeds in engaging and information your audiences. 

Who Can Enter?

The 2022 Savvy Awards competition is open to all local government jurisdictions - cities, counties, towns, villages, special districts, etc. Also, public relations or consulting firms may submit entries on behalf of their local government clients, provided they are submitted under the client's name and jurisdiction.

How to Enter

Entering the 3CMA Savvy Awards competition is easy, utilizing the online Awards Force awards management system. Submitting your work online is an efficient way to participate in the competition. You can:

  • Save your in-process entries and complete them at a later date
  • Duplicate an entry and easily submit it in a second category
  • Pay for multiple entries at one time
  • Submit supporting documentation by uploading, photos, clips, videos, documents and PDFs in one easy step
  • Reopen a completed entry at any time before the deadline to add additional information
  • Access your entries after submission
  • Access comments from Savvy judges the day after the awards ceremony

What it means to enter?

When you submit your Savvy entry, the work of your organization becomes part one of the most useful, searchable databases of local government communication solutions in the country. 3CMA develops a guidebook for each Savvy competition for members to have access to information and ideas from creative colleagues all across the country right at your fingertips.