Communication and Marketing Tools

Best Use of Social Media - Three Judging Categories

  • Single Post
  • Overall Strategy
  • Campaign

Video - Six Judging Categories

  • Education/Training (educates public/employees on a specific issue)
  • Interview/Talk Show/News Programming
  • One-Time Special Programming
  • Promotional Video
  • Public Service Announcement
  • Regularly Scheduled Programming

Marketing and Tools - Six Judging Categories

  • Best use of a Promotional Item
  • Branding/New Logo/etc.
  • Economic Development
  • Government Service Delivery/Community Issue (Innovative program, service or delivery system improvements for meeting resident needs. Digital programs, services or systems may be included.)
  • Marketing Event
  • Best Use of Humor

Publications - Five Judging Categories

  • Annual Report (Reports to communicate year-long accomplishments)
  • Catalogs/Guides
  • External Publications (Newsletters/Magazines)
  • Style or Branding Guide
  • Other

Digital Interactive - Four Judging Categories

  • Electronic Newsletters (Internal/External)
  • Issue Specific Website (Intranet/Extranet, Special Event, Budget Presentation, Surveys, Quick Polls, etc.)
  • Other Media (radio, podcast, etc.)
  • Overall Website

Special Events - Two Judging Categories

Marketing tools and special activities to promote celebrations, dedications, ribbon cuttings and other programs.

  • One-Time Event
  • Recurring Event