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It may a brisk 102 outside, but the Communications Plans being written at the Certified Public Communicator Program are very cool. Commcast goes to CPC in this installment and hears from your fellow members about what the program means to them.

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3CMA COMMCAST 031 | Annual Conference Preview

Everything You Ever Needed to Know about Coming To Orlando in September … And Then Some. April Michael and Kelly Allen from the City of Orlando tell us all the reasons we want to be in central Florida while the 3CMA Staff - Scott, Cathryn and Michelle - fill us in on what’s happening at the conference.

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3CMA COMMCAST 029 | Member Profile: Chanhassen, MN's Ari Lyksett

Have you wondered if the future of our profession is in good hands? Are you not sure if our newer members fully comprehend the nuance of the business? Meet Ari Lyksett of Chanhassen MN and rest easy with this member profile of an up and coming leader in local government comms.

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3CMA COMMCAST 028 | How'd They Do It? 

Hear from 10 of last year’s Savvy Winners about what make their entry stand out, what was the secret sauce? Plus Savvy Chair Jennifer Bennerotte fills everyone in on the nuts and bolts of the program. Must-See TV for Savvy Season!

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3CMA COMMCAST 027 | Announcing Connect Cohort 4 with a Mentorship Update

Hear how 3CMA Legacy Melody Mileur is faring with her 3CMA Connect-inspired job connection in Germany.

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3CMA COMMCAST 026 | Member Profile: Decatur GA’s Renae Jackson

Find out what a Community Engagement Manager is and why Decatur once had a popsicle war on the square in this COMMCAST Member Profile of Renae Jackson.

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3CMA COMMCAST 025 | Headline News

There’s a lot going on at 3CMA in 2023, find out about conferences, awards, scholarships, training, webinars mentorships and nuclear physics … OK, all but one of those.

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3CMA COMMCAST 024 | Year End 2022

What do you remember most about 2022 and what are you looking forward to in 2023? The 3CMA Board of Directors and staff share their thoughts in this special year-end podcast.

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3CMA COMMCAST 023 | Member Profile - Kara Roberson

What happens when you actively resist a career in government communications and wind up 3CMA’s Communicator of the Year? Meet the wonderful paradox that is Kara Roberson in this member profile.

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3CMA COMMCAST 022 | Lindsey Baker - Caldor Fire

How A Local Government Communicator went from evacuating an entire City ahead of a wildfire, to record snowfall taller than she is. Meet Lindsey Baker of South Lake Tahoe CA

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3CMA COMMCAST 019b | Member Profile - Thomas Bunn (part II)

When asked what the “weirdest” event of your career has been, and the answer involves Snoop Dogg, that makes this 3CMA Member Profile “Must See TV” with Thomas Bunn, Part II.

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3CMA COMMCAST 019a | Member Profile - Thomas Bunn (part I)

What do you do when your hometown team is driving to win the Super Bowl but you need pix of your Council reacting? You get the shot! Hear the story of Inglewood CA’s Thomas Bunn in this insightful 3CMA Member Profile. 

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3CMA COMMCAST 016 | State of Social Media

3CMA goes to GSMCON and members have their say on the state of social media. And here's what our members had to say about the state of social media in 2022. 


  • Jeff Montgomery | Athens-Clarke County GA
  • Ben Hayle | Blaine MN
  • Mitch Beaumont | LaVista NB
  • Kristen Waggener | Bryan TX
  • Chelsea Sawyer | Chatham County GA
  • Molly Fox | Bedford TX (w/ a special appearance by Abby Aldrich)
  • Kara Roberson | Wentzville MO
  • Kyle Moore | SeaTac WA
  • Patti Belle | Kent WA
  • Rachel Reynolds | Keller TX
  • Jacob Board | Jacksonville Beach FL

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3CMA COMMCAST 014 | Member Profile - Pam Solomon

What happens when you take a rock solid and consistently steady career in local government communications, mix in some Kardashians and a dash of “Star Search? You get the tried and true 3CMA Communicator Pam Solomon from Weston, Florida. Come meet Pam in this Member Profile edition of 3CMA COMMCAST.

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COMMCAST 013: Got COVID Fatigue?

Five members from across the country share their experience of preaching Coronavirus prevention for two years, then falling victim to Omicron themselves.

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COMMCAST 012: Holy Moley, there’s a 3CMA CPC Scholarship?? 

Commcast checks in with the Certified Public Communicator Program at TCU and hears from 3CMA members about the program and what its like to study in this game-changing curriculum.

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COMMCAST 011: Reflections on 2021

3CMA Officers, Board Members and Staff offer their take on the year that was and what gratitude could be gleaned from it.

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COMMCAST 010: Imposter Syndrome

Do you ever feel like a fraud? Like you have no business doing what you do and you’re going to be found out at any moment? You’re not alone. Hear from two self-professed “imposters” and get a better idea of how to deal with “Imposter Syndrome.”

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COMMCAST 009: The Next Generation

Half of the crowd in St. Louis was made up of first-timers - young, enthusiastic local government communicators who are energetically paving the way for the future of our profession. In this episode of 3CMA COMMCAST, we begin to meet some of these dynamic personalities that will take 3CMA into the future in what we’re calling a periodic series - 3CMA: The Next Generation.

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COMMCAST 006 - Member Profile: President-Elect Marnie Schubert

Find out what it's like to go from a tropical climate in Florida to an arid desert in Arizona and find out why 3CMA President-Elect Marnie Schubert can thank Sean Connery for her name.

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3CMA COMMCAST 005 - Member Profile: 3CMA President Patty Prince

Manassas, Virginia’s Patty Prince is many things - an accomplished communicator, a dedicated leader of her peers in 3CMA and … a hedgehog enthusiast?!?!

Find out as we probe deep into the psyche of 3CMA President Patty Prince in this installment of 3CMA COMMCAST.

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3CMA COMMCAST 004 - "Meet Me in St. Louis!" 2021 Annual Conference Site Preview

After a COVID-induced year off, the 3CMA Annual Conference is back in 2021! City of Wentzville MO's Kara Roberson traveled to the host hotel in St. Louis to give us a sneak peak and show us around!

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Episode 003 - This Is How To Win a Savvy

Now that we have your attention, this REALLY IS how to find out about the 3CMA Savvy Awards program with Awards Committee Chair and Extraordinary Human Being Jennifer Bennerotte, from the City of Edina, Minnesota. Then, hang on for the force of nature that is City of Round Rock, Texas’ Will Hampton with some golden advice for submitting your work for Savvy consideration.

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Episode 002 - Member Profile - Katie Smith | Joliet IL

How do you juggle a communications job for the third largest city in the state with a husband and three small kids? What’s it like to work for your hometown City government? And, what is a degree in “Metals & Jewelry?” Meet 3CMA Member Katie Smith from the City of Joliet, Illinois.

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Episode 001 - Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful

Valentine's Day weekend 2021 will be remembered for so much more than Hallmark and chocolates. In Texas, it will be remembered for the unprecedented deep freeze that Texas is not built for. Hear from 3CMA Members, at different ends of the state - Belinda Willis - Director of Communications & Marketing, from the City of Mansfield, TX and Brian Ligon - Communications & Marketing Director, from the City of Mont Belvieu, TX - to find out more about communicating with residents in a weather emergency when many are without power.

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