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Savvy Judging Results
Citizen Participation  Judging Results Pending
Communication or Marketing Programs
Population: 0 - 100,000  Judging Results Pending
Population: 101,000 and Up
 Judging Results Pending
Community Visioning  Judging Results Pending
Digital Interactive  
Electronic Newsletters  Finalists Notified
Issue Specific Website  Judging Results Pending
Mobile  Judging Results Pending
Overall Website (Population: 0 - 99,000)  Judging Results Pending
Overall Website (Population: 100,000 and Up)
 Judging Results Pending
Go Green  Finalists Notified
Graphic Design  
Art (Population: 0 - 89,000)  Finalists Notified
Art (Population: 90,000 and Up)  Finalists Notified
Other (Population: 0 - 60,000)  Judging Results Pending
Other (Population: 61,000 and Up)  Finalists Notified
Publications (Population: 0 - 59,000)  Finalists Notified
Publications (Population: 60,000 - 99,000)
 Finalists Notified
Publications (Population: 100,000 and Up)
 Finalists Notified

Marketing and Tools  
Best Use of a Promotional Item  Finalists Notified
Branding/New Logo (Population: 0 - 79,000)  Judging Results Pending
Branding/New Logo (Population: 80,000 and Up)  Judging Results Pending
Economic Development  Judging Results Pending
Government Service Delivery/Community Issue  Judging Results Pending
Most Creative Activity with Least Dollars Spent  
Population: 0 - 120,000  Judging Results Pending
Population: 130,000 and Up  Judging Results Pending
Most Innovative  
Population: 0 - 120,000  Finalists Notified
Population: 121,000 and Up  Finalists Notifeid
Photography  Finalists Notified
Printed Publications  
Advertising  Finalists Notified
Annual Reports (Population: 0 - 80,000)  Judging Results Pending
Annual Reports (Population: 81,000 and Up)  Judging Results Pending
Calendars  Finalists Notified
Catalogs/Guides (Population: 0 - 80,000)  Judging Results Pending
Catalogs/Guides (Population: 81,000 and Up)  Finalists Notified
External Publications (Population: 0 - 80,000)  Finalists Notified
External Publications (Population: 81,000 and Up)  Finalists Notified
Other  Finalists Notified
Reports  Judging Results Pending
Social Media  
Best Campaign Use of Social Media Tools  Finalists Notified
Best Use of Facebook  Judging Results Pending
General  Finalists Notified
Special Events  
Recurring Event  Finalists Notified
One-Time Event (Population: 0 - 100,000)  Judging Results Pending
One-Time Event (Population: 101,000 and Up)  Judging Results Pending
TV and Video  
Education/Training (Population: 0 - 99,000)  Finalists Notified
Education/Training (Population: 100,000 and Up)  Finalists Notified
Interview/Talk Show/News Programming (Population: 0 - 65,000)  Judging Results Pending
Interview/Talk Show/News Programming (Population: 69,000 and Up)
 Judging Results Pending
One-Time Special Programming (Population: 0 - 55,000)  Judging Results Pending
One-Time Special Programming (Population: 56,000 - 115,000)
 Judging Results Pending
One-Time Special Programming (Population: 116,000 and Up)
 Judging Results Pending
Promotional Video (Population: 0 - 50,000)  Judging Results Pending
Promotional Video (Population: 51,000 - 99,000)
 Judging Results Pending
Promotional Video (Population: 100,000 - 250,000)
 Judging Results Pending
Promotional Video (Population: 251,000 and Up)
 Finalists Notified
Public Service Announcement (Population: 0 - 99,000)  Judging Results Pending
Public Service Announcement (Population: 100,000 - 175,000)
 Judging Results Pending
Public Service Announcement (Population: 176,000 and Up)
 Judging Results Pending
Regularly Scheduled Programming (Population: 0 - 110,000)  Judging Results Pending
Regularly Scheduled Programming (Population: 111,000 and Up)  Judging Results Pending

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