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3CMA City-County Communications and Marketing Association - Home Page
Who should join 3CMA?
  • Cable and PEG Professionals
  • City/County Communications Professionals and Elected Officials
  • City/County Managers and Assistant Managers
  • Citizen Engagement Professionals
  • Communications and/or Marketing Professionals
  • Community Affairs Professionals
  • Economic and Redevelopment Professionals
  • Environmental, Water, Waste Agency Staff
  • Graphic Design Professionals
  • Library and Educational Staff
  • Digital, Social and Multi-Media Staff
  • Parks and Recreation Staff
  • Public Affairs Staff
  • Public Information Officers
  • Public Relations Professionals
  • Special Event Staff
  • Web Content Administrators

By joining 3CMA you can make a positive impact by taking what you learn and putting that knowledge to work in your community.

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