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Rules of Competition
  1. Submit as many entries as you want! The competition is open to all local government jurisdictions and agencies. Communicators and marketing professionals from other departments within your organization are eligible to enter as well at the member rate.

  2. Two complete sets of the required information (see item 5) must be submitted for each entry. Please use the Savvy checklist for guidance.

  3. Public relations firms, consultants and/or advertising agencies may submit entries on behalf of their local government clients. Such entries must be submitted under the client’s name and jurisdiction.

  4. More than one entry may be submitted in any category.  Also, a given entry may be submitted under more than one category. Complete submission packages, including attachments and application forms, are required for each submission, and applicable entry fees must accompany each submission.

  5. An entry package consists of two complete sets of the following:
    a. A completed entry form.

    b. The entry itself, such as newsletters, publications, videos, program plans. For websites, include the URL address, plus a printed copy of selected webpages. For intranet sites and electronic newsletters not accessible to the public, include either instructions on how judges can view the site, or provide hard copies, or USB drive with the complete site. Please submit at least two, but no more than four, different issues of newsletters.  

    c. TV and Video category submissions are now submitted entirely on-line: www.3cma.org/VideoEntry.

    d. A Descriptive Letter as outlined.

    e. Supporting materials, such as testimonials or survey results. (see note in checklist)

    f. A short, 50- to 75-word descriptor of the entry for inclusion in the Savvy Guidebook. It must be submitted on paper with the entry and must also be transmitted electronically by completing a form posted at: http://www.3CMA.org/shortdescriptor.

    g. All entries become the property of 3CMA, which is not responsible for loss, damage or return.

  6. TV and Video entries must also submit a 30 second clip of the entry to be used in the awards presentation should the entry be selected as a finalist (Savvy, Silver Circle and Award of Excellence).

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