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Current "Help, Please" Questions
Transparency and the Community Presentation
Kara D. Roberson, Communications Manager/PIO, City of Wentzville, Missouri writes:
"I’m presenting on a panel discussion in a few weeks regarding transparency and the community – essentially combating community rumors. I’m hoping some of you have some words of wisdom or tips/tricks you’d like to share that have helped you appease/beat the rumor mill. I have a few questions to help gather your input, but feel free to share other comments as well.
  1. How do you typically combat information shared on a public forum (Facebook, a blog or vlog) that is inaccurate or casts the your city/county in a negative light?
  2. Do you partner with these groups to help insure they are sharing more accurate/positive information? And, if so, how do you reach out to them?
  3. What’s the best way to avoid the rumor mill without oversharing on your own social media channels?
Thanks in advance for your feedback!"
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Catalog and Archive Photos
Jennifer A. Nahra, Administration, City of Davenport, Iowa writes:
"The City of Davenport, Iowa has an extremely large collection of photos that have been acquired over many years. We are looking to catalog and archive these photos so they are easily accessible for use by multiple audiences. Many of the photos should also be categorized to be available in more than one location. I reviewed the previously secured answers on the Members platform but would like to hear what other programs are available and how they are working for your organizations today. Any suggestions or “what not to do” ideas would be appreciated too. Thanks in advance."
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Have You Heard of or Signed-Up for HARO?
Patty Prince, Communications Manager, City of Manassas, Virginia writes:
"Have you ever heard of HARO? Just curious if others are signed up as sources."
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