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PO Box 20278
Washington, DC 20041
Phone: (703) 707-0830
Fax: (703) 707-0867
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About 3CMA
If people are the heart of a community, communication and marketing are the lifeblood. Without them, there is no conversation, no engagement, no relationship.

Effective public communicators are vital to local government success, linking citizens to the essential information they need to access services and be part of the democratic process, cultivating a shared vision for the community.

For 29 years, 3CMA has championed the role of the public communicator and has delivered innovative education and programming to help communicators and their communities be successful.

3CMA members are part of a dynamic network of more than 700 professional public communicators and marketers from all over the nation. Through national conferences, regional meetings and seminars, webinars, online networking opportunities, and inspiring award programs, 3CMA members are able to tap into the best local government marketing and public relations has to offer. And perhaps most importantly, they establish meaningful connections with those who are faced with similar opportunities and challenges every day.

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