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Pre-Conference Sessions
The Ins and Outs of Research: Surveys, Audits, Focus Groups and More
Research, completed by you or by an outside firm, can enhance your communication and boost your value in your community and with your leadership. Quite simply, research helps you understand your stakeholders and leverage your best outreach efforts. This session will discuss the benefits of quantitative and qualitative research as a part of your communication planning. The presentation will also recommend and describe 10 of the best methods to build an organization's communication understanding.

Mobile Production 101: Create Quality Videos with Your Phone
Video is king in the social media world.  No video team?  No problem!  Video production doesn’t have to be a production. All you need is your imagination and the technology that’s already in your pocket or purse!  Join us for this interactive session that will help you make quality videos with your mobile device.  Get tips on shot selection, getting good audio, adding titles and the best apps to use to make your mobile video look like a pro.

Note: Please bring your iPhone with iMovie or Adobe Premier Clip installed or your Android with Adobe Premiere Clip already downloaded.

Moving from Communicator to Strategist
You do great work and have built a solid reputation for effective communication.  Still, events sometimes take place without your involvement and you are only called in to help with damage control.  This interactive session will focus on ways to help ensure you have a seat at the executive table, strategizing, in advance, on how to address major issues.  It will include ways to demonstrate the value of strong communication to your organization, including  a comprehensive focus on developing effective communication plans.  

The session will highlight "hands on" examples of messaging,  managing the frame of your issue/event, strong objectives, partnering to share the workload, and the critical component of proven, measurable results that matter to decision makers.  You'll also get to practice what you learn and help identify creative ways to share your story.

Lean Writing and Asset Management for Targeted Communication
This workshop focuses on essential steps for rapid in-house communications production. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the design principles used to drive messaging in print and on the web. Learn how to organize and manage written and graphical assets in ways that will streamline production, target messages, and optimize brand. Topics include: writing design, photography design, key print design concerns, key web design concerns, assets management and more. This session condenses a semester course into 2½ hours. It will be fast-paced and experiential; ideal for anyone who has to get a flyer, postcard, webpage or social media post out the door quickly and effectively. 

SA-CAN – San Antonio Community Access Network Studios Tour
On this tour, you will visit the City of San Antonio’s newly constructed 32,000 sq. ft. SA-CAN television production facility located in San Antonio’s historic Plaza de Armas building.  The production facility includes two 2,500 sq. ft. television studios that can be transformed into one 5,000 sq. ft. studio by retracting a Skyfold acoustic partitioning wall into the ceiling of the studios.  The facility includes two Green Rooms, two AV-Control Rooms, several Edits Bays, Engineer Room, Master Control, Equipment Room, Prop Room and SA-CAN staff offices. The entire three-story facility is equipped with state-of-the art television production equipment and was entirely funded with the use of City PEG funds.  We will show a short video of the studio construction process. 

The City’s television network includes our three PEG channels (PATV-INTV-TVSA) and our new City-owned television channel KGSA-TV.  We just launched our own broadcast television channel, FCC-licensed, this month. 

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