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Past Webinars
Be Seen on Social Media!
You have eight seconds to grab someone's attention on social media. How do you stand out against competing messages in a cluttered news feed? We will share real examples and strategies of how you can use effective quick-hitting videos, compelling text, and data to drive your social media strategies.  We'll include tips on how to make videos, even if you're a one-person shop, and we'll share ways to measure your success with meaningful analytics.

Creating Inspiring Communication Campaigns - The Creative Brief Method to Success
You want any communication campaign implemented for your city or county to be dynamic, simple and inspiring.  The question is how do you get to those outcomes?  This session will provide a format to help you create effective campaigns whether you want to build awareness for a new library or fire station, inform residents about the impact of a future bond referendum, or build involvement in a new roadway or other government service or activity.  

Strategic communication gathers practices and theories from three disciplines:  public relations, advertising, and marketing. To get new perspectives on building campaigns from the ground up, we'll pull inspiration from the discipline of advertising to address a public relations issue.  Advertising has long used the “creative brief” to jump-start nimble thinking and innovative ideas, as well as to solve problems in new ways. Rather than using the creative brief to build an advertising campaign, we'll adapt it for use for general information and educational campaigns.  

This webinar will train you to use creative brief protocols for your own campaign-building including learning tips on how to write short, inspiring and effective copy designed for both digital and traditional platforms. The session will end with Q&A, so that your specific ideas and needs may be addressed.

Getting Savvy – Meet the New, Easy Online Entry Process & Hear Tips from a Dynamic Duo
Achieving the greatest level of personal and team pride is within your reach as the Savvy Award Competition takes off for 2019.  For professional communicators, a Savvy declares you are the best of the best from across the nation.  It’s reaching the summit of communications excellence. And now, submitting Savvy entries is easier and more customer focused than ever before as the entire process moves online! 

Join us for this webinar where we’ll share an overview of the new system – how it works, and new benefits that eliminate the need for creating notebooks, producing copies and making that last-minute rush to meet the mailing deadline.  

Plus, we’ve recruited a dynamic duo of presenters who know the ins and outs of submitting an award-winning Savvy, as witnessed by their frequent return to the winners’ circle.  They’ll share insider tips on how to measure those seemingly unmeasurable projects, how humor and creativity can be effectively deployed, and how to strike the right balance between sharing facts and painting the picture of your successful work.  They’ll give examples of what has worked, as well as what hasn’t made it to the finals, and lessons learned from both experiences.  

Whether you’re entering the Savvy competition for the first time or are a seasoned submitter, you’ll find tips to make your entry even stronger and a few steps closer to the awards summit!

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