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MAG290: Basic Public Information Officer (Course is Full as of August 22nd)
3CMA is pleased to announce that in partnership with the Texas DPS and FEMA, that at the time of our Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX, MAG290: Basic Public Information Officer is being offered.  This two-day course will take place on Wednesday, September 7th and Thursday, September 8th.  As registration is part of the Annual Conference, attendees will be able to participate in breakfasts, luncheons, breaks, evening events and the Friday Conference sessions.  Registrants will also be eligible to receive all session recordings as they are made available.

This is an exclusive opportunity for conference attendees to receive certification as Basic Public Information Officer (290).

Course Description
This is an updated (Jan. 2016) two-day course focusing upon the unique role of the Public Information Officer (PIO) in emergency management.  This course will help PIOs or people assigned that role to fine-tune their job skills. Students will explore the role of the PIO in all phases of emergency management. They will look at the multi-faceted duties and challenges of it. Through individual and group activities, students will develop and practice a series of communication skills and identify ways to integrate all phases of emergency management into a comprehensive public information program. The class is a prerequisite for the Advanced Public Information Course (E388) at the Emergency Management Institute and the Master Public Information Officer Course (E389).

September 7th & 8th, 2016, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM both days.  Space is limited and Annual Conference registrants who elect to participate must sign-up in advance and commit themselves to attend the required two-day program.  Upon completion of the full two-day course, attendees will receive FEMA certification as Basic Public Information Officer (290).

Once registered for the 3CMA Annual Conference and have signed-up for this course, you will need to also complete a brief on-line profile through the TDEM site: https://www.preparingtexas.org/DeliveryDetails.aspx?classid=b1ed3fb4-6f2b-4cfa-b324-5ed1be47f45d

Note: There is a requirement to register for the course in order to receive credit/certificate. First time users will be required to create an account prior to enrollment.  

Recommended Prerequisites
While there are no prerequisites for this particular offering, students planning to attend the 3CMA San Antonio G290 offering, might want to take 2 online courses required to move further in learning after the 290:

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