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3CMA (in partnership with ICMA) is seeking to capture the essence of local government - through photos! Join 3CMA and ICMA on Flickr by submitting original photos of "local government in action." These photos will be used to enhance arketing materials for 3CMA and ICMA and participating jurisdictions, as well as give viewers another way to see what's going on in our local governments.

Some examples of the types of photos we'd like to receive include:

  • Public works projects

  • Street scenes and downtown activity

  • Public safety equipment and action shots

  • Unique city events

  • Public employees

  • Guidelines for Submitting Photos
    For use in print publications, the submission must meet the following standards:

  • Submit in jpeg format

  • It must be either 3x5 inches at 300 dpi or 5x8 inches at 300 dpi or larger
  • You may download any photo on 3CMA's/ICMA's Flickr site. To do this, simply click the magnifying glass labeled "all sizes," then click on the links called "download the original size." This will give you the highest quality image to work from.

    Please refrain from submitting images of known individuals (e.g. the mayor or city/county manager), or images unique to your city (such as branded vehicles). Try to submit images that are as universal or generic as possible, such as a public works vehicle without branding or identifying marks (such as a city seal) visible.

    Terms of Agreement
    Before submitting your photos to 3CMA's/ICMA's Flickr site, please review the following terms of agreement.

  • Please submit only original photos that you own, or that your organization owns the rights to;

  • As a submitter, you will be able to download any photo on the 3CMA/ICMA Flickr site - others will be able to download your submissions as well.

  • 3CMA/ICMA reserves the right to refuse submissions on a case by case basis.
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