3CMA Annual Conference Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions

7 Steps to a Better Digital Citizen Experience
Keep your citizens from compiling a list of the “10 Things They Hate About You” with these seven suggestions on how to reach your citizens more effectively with digital communications. From social media strategies to digital marketing and website advice, learn creative ways to provide your residents with a more genuine and engaging interaction with your community’s brand.

Branding/Politics of Branding
Follow the “fellowship of the brand” on an epic journey across their cities’ ever-changing political landscape in a desperate quest to research, define and build the ultimate brand to conquer disparate messages and unclear identity. “One brand to rule them all; one brand to find them; one brand to bring them all; and in the city, bind them.” 

Cameras on the Go!
Take your video beyond the studio. Learn about the tools, technology, and tips that will allow you to capture video from across your community.

City/County Managers Panel
City Leaders, Assemble! And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when local government's mightiest heroes united during a panel discussion to reveal their superhuman abilities to manage the day-to-day administrative operations of their municipalities and how public and community relations professionals can join with them to forge a successful future for their communities. 

Coming Attractions: What's Next in Government Communications
Is your head still spinning from the previous decade's changes in communications? We're all speaking a new language that includes terms like posts, apps, tweets, mobile, hashtags, social media, analytics…the new vocabulary that has become everyday goes on and on. So...what's the sequel to all of this? Attend this session and you'll be more than ready to get "Back to the Future."

Community/Citizen Surveying
Session descriptor coming soon.

Content Marketing (and a little metrics, too)
In the past, public-sector communication has relied heavily on the media-relations model for keeping the public informed. Yet the advertising, public relations and marketing disciplines offer a lot of tools for sharing content and measuring its effectiveness.  Sit back for a short history of storytelling, leading to newer ways of spreading your organization's best stories in digital channels.

Every great movie has its antagonist—the villain, the bad guy, the heavy, the Donald Sutherland. And sometimes, the protagonists (that’d be us!) need to do some psychological profiling to decipher our foes’ behaviors and strategize our epic response. In this thriller, a crack team of experts will help us understand how and why eAntagonists—social media trolls—feel embolden to lash out or threaten from the shadows and how we can best deal with them and save the day!

Engaging Across the Generations
Unlike the plotline in “The Change Up” – you don’t have to switch places with someone to get a glimpse into his or her life. Whether you’re a baby boomer, millennial, or somewhere in between, our mission as communicators (should we choose to accept it!) is to find ways to reach each of these audiences with thoughtful, engaging content. In this session, hear from seasoned professionals on strategies they used to accomplish this feat.

Fast and Furious in 60
Put the popcorn down and get your pens or tablets ready to record the best of the best ideas to be shared during this perennial favorite session. Sixty ideas in 60 minutes - the creativity and ideas you're going to want to make your own will flowing fast and furiously.

Future/Evolution of Video (TV/Streaming)
Gone are the days when a night out at the movies was the weekend activity of choice. Now, with just a few clicks of the keyboard or remote, video content is available any time, day or night. Learn how this is transforming the video industry and how your community can capitalize on these changes.

Going Viral on YouTube
Some of today's biggest "must-see" movies (OK, videos) are on YouTube. Try out these suggestions to optimize your community's YouTube Channel and improve the odds that your videos will go viral.

Growing Your Social Media Followers/Presence
Session descriptor coming soon.

Most Creative Performance Using Technology
The medium may have changed, but cool content is still" king of the world." Attend this workshop to learn about and how to use technology tools that will earn your social media content many thumbs up and "likes."

One-Person Shop/Producing Amateur Video
Indie Producers Unite! So it's just you, huh, handling all of your community's communications needs? While running a one-person shop can be overwhelming, it can be done … and successfully. These tips will help independent producers of print, digital and video content create works worthy of the big screen.

Psychological Thriller
When Disaster Strikes Your Community the Horror is All Too Real! Natural disasters, political missteps, injuries, or disease - crises can come to communities in many forms. Thankfully there are communications strategies that can be employed no matter the nature of the crisis. Come learn practical tips for handling and gain psychological insight into the tornado that is crisis communications management.

Social Media Campaigns/Best Practices for Social Media
Your community’s social media strategy doesn’t have to be “Gone With The Wind” - From best practices to launching a social media campaign to growing your online presence, this session is for anyone and everyone who wants to steal the social media stage and create a lasting legacy and story for their brand. 

Throwing A-List Parties With a B-List Budget
Whether you're launching a film, celebrating your community's annual festival, or hosting a 10K, throwing a great community event doesn't have to break the bank. Come learn how to host an event with all of the Hollywood glamour but none of the drama - and with a budget that would make the "Wolf of Wall Street" weep.

Two Thumbs Up for Savvy Film Festival
Critics agree: This year's Savvy Film Festival is the best yet. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll want more of these award-winning films create by communities around the country.

When Disaster Strikes Your Community - The Horror is All Too Real!
Natural disasters, political missteps, injuries, or disease - crises can come to communities in many forms. Thankfully there are communications strategies that can be employed no matter the nature of the crisis. Come learn what to do and how to communicate effectively when a crisis stalks your neighborhood.

Why Can't We all Just Get Along
Jack Nicholson pondered this question in 1996's "Mars Attacks." We'll ponder this question, too, and share with you tips to make working with even the most sour of your "Nine to Five" colleagues a little sweeter.

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