3CMA "Help, Please" Requests

Aerial Photography Devices (aka Drones or Unmanned Aircraft)

Nannette Rodriguez, Director - Office of Communications, City of Miami Beach, Florida writes:
"There has been a lot of talk at the FAA about the use and possible regulation of unmanned aircraft for recreational purposes. While our purpose is not recreational, commercial or investigative in nature, I want to know if other agencies have applied for a Certificate of Waiver of Authorization (COA) to use an unmanned aircraft for certain activity (photography). If not, are you considering?"
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Expanding Online Public Records

Catherine Lazorko, Communications Manager, Town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina writes:
"The Town of Chapel Hill is interested in expanding online public records. A frequently requested record is salary information for our municipal employees. Does anyone provide salary information on the web for your organization’s public employees? What information do you include (e.g. position title, salary, salary range, etc.)?"
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RFP for a PEG Studio Upgrade and Redesign

Monica Gutierrez, Public Information Officer, City of Chino, California writes:
"The City of Chino is in the process of updating the PEG studio equipment. The last update was approximately 8 years ago. Technology changes so quickly and this is my first studio redesign and equipment upgrade. I have a list and two pre-RFP quotes for equipment that were sent by my predecessor about a year ago. I am now picking up the project and would like to issue an RFP very soon. Does anyone have a current (Up to 3 years old) RFP for a PEG studio upgrade and redesign or an RFP for updating PEG studio equipment? I'd like to compare to what we currently have as a "dotting the I's and crossing the t's" . Any and all advice is greatly appreciated."
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