Multiple Department Social Media Account Management

Rodney Campbell, Town of Marana Public Information Officer, Town of Marana, Arizona writes: 
"How do cities and towns that have multiple departments with social media accounts manage them? Right now, we have town Facebook and Twitter pages that are managed by the public information officer and Parks and Rec and Police accounts that are handled by those departments. Do other cities and towns handle social media this way or do they have one person who manages all accounts, including Pinterest, Instagram, blogs, etc.?" 
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When a Service May Need a Logo Guidelines/Policies

Beverly B. Thompson, Public Affairs Director, City of Durham, North Carolina writes: 
"I'm trying to find out of other cities have policies or guidelines for when a service may need a logo rather than deciding when to allow additional or secondary logos for programs and services. Thank you." 
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How to Prioritize Requests

Beth von Behren, Public Information Officer, City of Kirkwood, Missouri writes:
"For all the "one-person shops" out there: How do you prioritize requests (Website updates, information to distribute, flyers to be created, etc.)? Do you use a form (or is that just adding work to the workload)? Do you ask users to prioritize or give you a deadline so you can prioritize? Any good suggestions for how to make this internal-customer-service process work a little better or more efficiently would be greatly appreciated.Thanks."
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Webmaster Approval Justification

Emily Price, Communications Director, City of Johnston, Iowa writes: 
"I am currently putting together my 2015-2016 budget and would like to get approved for adding a webmaster to our city of 19,500. I am currently a one-person shop. Would you have a moment to take this quick survey about when your city added a webmaster? This could go a long way toward convincing my council that we need a webmaster. Or, if you don't have time for the 14 questions survey, please use the "Respond Here" link and let me know when your city got its own webmaster (you population size at time of position approval)." 
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