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Twitter Posting Guidelines

Ed McNeal, Marketing & Communications Director, City of Winston-Salem, North Carolina writes:
"We provide access to the police department to post on the city’s Twitter account. Recently a captain made a post referencing a (county) court case in which a child sex abuse defendant received a sentence of 100 years in prison. Marketing and Communication’s web content coordinator asked the captain to not make such post in the future because it’s not within city work product. The police chief makes the case that it’s very much city work product and should be allowed to be posted. Our guidelines for posting say…… "When you post on behalf of the city, we are trusting you to use good judgment, to be sure that the information is appropriate, correct, approved, and spelled correctly. Tweet city-sponsored events, city (Police) news releases, city website information, alerts/emergency information." [examples are given in training]"

PEG Channel Broadcasting System / Distribution to Public TVs

Jeff Montgomery, Public Information Officer, Athens-Clarke County, Georgia writes:
"Two part question we're seeking answers to in regards to PEG channels:

  1. What equipment do you use for broadcasting your PEG channel(s)? Not so much interested in production equipment, but the scheduling / broadcasting component - such as SCALA, Telvue, Tightrope, FrameRate, and others that you might use. What you like/don't like about your system?
  2. How do you distribute your video to TVs in public spaces or lobbies. Does your system support this well? Do you have certain content appear on some TVs, but not others? Do you use the cable TV system? Video over IP? If you use any wireless solutions, especially on TVs on buses, we'd really like to hear about these."


How to Prioritize Requests

Beth von Behren, Public Information Officer, City of Kirkwood, Missouri writes:
"For all the "one-person shops" out there: How do you prioritize requests (Website updates, information to distribute, flyers to be created, etc.)? Do you use a form (or is that just adding work to the workload)? Do you ask users to prioritize or give you a deadline so you can prioritize? Any good suggestions for how to make this internal-customer-service process work a little better or more efficiently would be greatly appreciated.Thanks."


Government Channel Policy

Patty Prince, Public Affairs Specialist, City of Manassas, Virginia writes:
"I am looking for a great government channel policy to model ours after. In particular, I would like to see what others use as a policy in regards to political activity and such. Thank you for any and all responses!"


Awareness Campaign that Addresses Walker and Cyclist Safety

Edie Damann, Marketing & PR Manager, City of Dunwoody, Georgia writes:
"Over the last five years the city has invested in pedestrian and muti-modal improvements around the city. This includes new sidewalks, trails, crosswalks, and bike lanes. We are now dealing with the “if you build it they will come” issue and need to create an awareness campaign that addresses walker and cyclist safety. Has anyone ever created a similar campaign? What worked and what didn’t? Did you find video to be effective? We appreciate your help and look forward to the insight."


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