At this year's conference, we are introducing a new type of brainstorming and problem solving session. It's called Dear Prudence and if you're familiar with the concept of speed dating, this is a similar experience without all the messy reactions to a clearly uninteresting person that you don't want to date! The other difference is that we're doing Speed Solutions, where you or another person at your table will have one minute to share a problem, question, or quest for a new approach. And the group at your table will have 6 minutes to quickly and efficiently help come up with solutions that work for your issue! Then it's off to another table for another session. To ensure you're getting lots of good information, we've also recruited some of our most savvy and innovative members to be team leaders at each table!

So whether you have a question about handling a social media challenge, or trying to come up with a new approach for a special event, or are working to get a seat at the executive table in your organization, or much more, this will be a great way to get new insights, as well as an opportunity to share with others keys to your success. It will be one of 3 sessions offered on Wednesday at 3:45 p.m. Don't miss it!

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