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Posted on: February 1, 2017

What the National Focus on Government Communicators Means to 3CMA Members

With the current discussion on government communication at the national level and in the midst of news reports about limits being placed on federal government communications, 3CMA leadership believes it is appropriate to provide guidance to its members.

3CMA was established with the understanding that people are the heart of our communities and that communication and marketing are the life blood.  Without them, there is no conversation, no engagement and no relationship.  Effective public communicators are vital to local government success, linking citizens to the essential information they need to access services and take part in their community vision and direction.  They must be able to communicate timely, factual, and credible information on behalf of their government, using all tools available to them.  

As communicators, it is also our responsibility to understand that in our professional work, we don't take sides -- we communicate the information of our government in a clear, transparent, and open way.  It's hard to imagine any community meeting taking place today where citizens are not talking about or referring to changes at the national level.  We believe it is the professional duty of government communicators to frame the conversation on their local community with a renewed and spoken commitment to transparency while also not falling into the trap of supporting or denigrating national politics.  3CMA encourages debate and discussion, as well as citizens sharing their voices and views; however, as professionals  we respect and honor all points of view even when they differ from our personal point of view.

As an organization, 3CMA will always speak up for the right and obligation of government to be open, transparent and accountable with effective communications serving as the best and strongest tool in building citizen support for ethical government.  
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