2019 Pre-Conference Sessions

Fast, Free, and Fabulous: Filling your Toolbox with New, Effective Strategies

If you're looking for cheap, fast, and good marketing strategies that won't take over your life, this rapid-fire session is for you! Presenter Josh Hirsch received rave reviews when he presented a 3CMA webinar in 2018 and we've lured him to Denver for an in-depth, highly interactive session. You'll want to bring your laptop or tablet to experience the tools and tips first hand. Josh will share some favorite free and cheap marketing strategies, cut through the clutter of the tools available, and help you focus on the best options for your local government. This one pre-conference will leave you with so many new tools and approaches to consider implementing, it will justify every penny of your registration.

Presenter: Josh Hirsch - Director of Mission and Communication - Susan G. Komen Florida

Lean Production Strategies for Targeted Communications

This how-to workshop focuses on essential steps in achieving lean production for print, web and social media. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the writing and design principles and techniques used to drive messaging in clear, concise terms. Learn how to organize and manage digital assets in ways that will streamline both in-house and vendor production, target messaging to a variety of audiences, and optimize brand.

  1. Design your writing for consistent, concise messaging and brand consistency
  2. Communicate effectively with vendors for better budget control
  3. Manage digital assets for faster, more effective production
  4. Understand usability concerns for more compliant content

Presenter: Robyn Lingen - Creative Director - Designwrite Studios

Listening, Dialogue and Time: Critical Components of Effective Resident Engagement and Participation

"Sticky wickets" challenge every community, from landfill locations and road expansion, to higher taxes and other hot-button issues. Emerging issues may be the hardest to address, because your citizens may not recognize that a problem even exists. Hot-button issues involve emotion, which sometimes makes it more difficult for government solutions to be heard. During these discussions, it is important for local government to show that it has listened and is still listening, and that it cares. This session will focus on strategies and practices that work to promote dialogue and understanding between local government and citizens when the stakes are high.

Presenters: Will Hampton - City of Round Rock, Texas; Jacqueline Lambiase, Ph.D. - Texas Christian University

Navigating Every Day and Extraordinary Events

The most important tool in the communicator's kit isn't a new technology or the latest gadget, it's our ability to relate to people and communicate clearly and efficiently to a variety of audiences. As spokespeople and organizational representatives, we are counted on to be engaged with our communities, the media and colleagues in uncomfortable and unexpected situations. This skill set doesn't come naturally to most of us, but it can be the key to successfully working through day-to-day situations and major crises. We will discuss how to navigate difficult, complex situations that may sometimes affect you personally, what to do when you doubt your own expertise, and how to set appropriate professional boundaries. This discussion will offer attendees the opportunity to work through any current challenges they're facing, ask questions, and learn from the experiences of the presenter and each other. Communication challenges can happen anytime, anywhere. Make sure you're prepared to represent both your organization and yourself in the best possible manner.

Presenter: Miriam Dickler - Consultant/Trainer - Rebel Tree, LLC - Charlottesville, VA

Visibility is Power: Media Secrets Uncovered

Building your visibility through the media is much like building a sandwich. One slice of bread represents new media such as live video and the other traditional media like television news. Learn new ways to successfully meet your biggest media relations challenges, including secrets to camera confidence on air and online. Discover the best practices in establishing and maintaining relationships with the media and getting journalists to open and read your email pitches. Participant will have a chance at hands-on training.

Presenter: Roshanda Pratt - The Rosho Live