3CMA CPC Scholarship Opportunity for Members

TCU CPC Program

Note: A spot in the 2024 Cohort is being held for the recipient of the 3CMA Scholarship.  

Following the landmark agreement in 2018 to partner with Texas Christian University’s (TCU) Certified Public Communicator (CPC) program, 3CMA announced the creation of a scholarship designed to assist members in furthering their professional education through the graduate level instruction offered in the CPC program.

The CPC program offers the only certificate in the country designed specifically and exclusively for public sector communicators. Now in its sixth year, the CPC program has graduated more than 100 students from its graduate level curriculum. Each leaving Fort Worth with a tangible deliverable – a three-year communications plan designed for their specific organizations. Students come from across the country. New cohorts begin the two-year program each summer at TCU, while the existing cohort completes their plan and graduates.

3CMA will award one scholarship per year, based on the financial status of the organization, to a 3CMA member selected by the Executive Committee, based on nominations received. The award will be a 50/50 match with the recipient, or their agency, responsible for the first half ($1,725) paid to the program. 3CMA will then make the second payment directly to the program on behalf of the recipient.

To qualify:

  • Must be a 3CMA member in good standing, having completed a minimum of three years membership.
  • Upon completion of the program, the member’s Communications Plan will be made available to the 3CMA Membership as a resource. The program attendee will also provide assistance to 3CMA Members who have questions about the CPC Program and the completed Communications Plan.

To apply:

  • Apply online at 3CMA.org/cpc
  • Letter of interest:
    • What is your specific interest in becoming CPC-certified?
    • As a Member, why are you deserving of the scholarship?
    • How can 3CMA benefit from awarding the scholarship to you?
    • How many 3CMA conferences have you attended?
  • Letters of reference or other supporting materials.
  • Examples of the nominee’s work during the past 36 months.
  • Application deadline is February 15, 2024.

It is important to note that application for the scholarship does not constitute application for the program. Members must apply for the program independently at CPC website.

Online applications will go directly to 3CMA who will verify the nomination qualifies for the scholarship. All qualified nominations will then be forwarded forwarded to the Executive Committee for review.

A recipient of the scholarship will be selected by February 28th.

For questions, please contact any member of the 3CMA Executive Committee or Executive Director Scott Lehtonen.